Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Addicted To The White Stuff - Day 2

Hi There,
Well I am in day 2 of no sugar. Just to be clear here I am eating fruit and some dried fruit, some mornings I may have some orange juice. Im really not so concerned with those forms of sugar, because they are healthy and contain vitamins and fiber. I am really more concerned with white sugar, although I have committed to no agave nectar, raw sugar, maple syrup etc...
This is hard, and I can see myself becoming a very unhappy person over the next few days, I feel as though I am missing something, Im not able to satisfy myself with that little morsel of sweetness.
I wanted to have a bowl of cereal tonight, then realized it has added sugar, not much, I do try to buy low sugar cereal, I think it was some kind of fiber flake crunch. I also have shredded wheat, but not as much fun at 0 sugars. So, I had 2 dried apricots and called it a night, going to bed feeling really dis-satisfied. I so want this craving to go away.
Well, day three tomorrow, I will try to eat less dried fruit.
Goodnight! and remember, we are all Ripped Chix inside, whether you are taking the first steps to fitness, or training for an event, or trying to eat healthier, or like me, trying to break a habit, the important thing is your taking that step towards a better you, so rock on!


  1. Way to go Ripped chix!!! You are an inspriration to all of us chix!!!