Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Addicted To The White Stuff

I know what your thinking but NO, I am talking about sugar. It might as well be considered an illegal drug though for it has absolutely no nutritional value and for some people, like myself is next to impossible to stay away from it's sweet and dangerous clutches.

Yes, I admit it I am a sugar addict, have been all my life, I take after my Mom, who's breakfast usually consist of some sticky sweet danish. Im not that bad but I do see myself there in 30 years.

Through all my experience and knowledge in the health and fitness world I feel pretty good about my daily nutritional choices, 5-6 meals throughout the day consisting of oatmeal and eggs in the morning, protein shakes after a good workout, lean chicken, complex carbs etc...you get the picture. However, I can go a few days feeling great about not eating sugar and then the craving starts creeping up on me like a tidal wave, I start fantasizing about a candy bar, or ice cream, in the grocery store I stare longingly at the candy in the check out isle, all the while talking myself down hoping I can beat it this one time. I know all the tricks...drink a glass of water, have a piece of fruit, think of rainbows...blah, blah, blah, it does not work for me.

I know some of these suggestions work for some people, but not everyone, I know what I have to do, but Im afraid. Just like anyone addicted to something the only answer is the complete avoidance of the substance. I do not eat processed, packaged foods so no problem there, it's giving up the beautiful desserts and treats and candy that I have found comfort in all these years. It's like saying goodbye to an old dear friend...one that stabs you in the back... but no less still a friend. I've already given up the cream in my coffee, the maple syrup on my protein pancakes, it was just a tablespoon, geesh! AND I refuse to eat fake sugar. NO this is the big guns now, no added sugar in my foods, and...no more candy, chocolate cakes, praline ice cream, baklava, etc...Oh my god what about my occasional rum and coke???

Someday, I may be able to have some of these things in moderation, however right now it's all or nothing!

So, I am going to start today, since I had no sugar in my coffee. I will not eat any sugar for the next 30 days, I know I will see improvements in my tummy at least, Im in good shape but, my tummy has all the tell tale signs of sugar consumption. We'll see, I will keep you posted!

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